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​BOOGIE BULB - Aspirator

• Now there will be no more scenes of parents trying to suck their child's nasal secretions through their mouths, unhygienic and unable to aspirate all of the secretions, parents are tired and children are upset because now we have us – Boogie Bulb !

• Technology production line from Japan with FDA standard medical silicone material 100% imported from the United States.
• 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are also convinced that this is the best baby straw on the market!

• Soft silicone tip, no angle, helps protect baby's nasal mucosa.

• Extremely safe and effective vacuum suction mechanism that completely removes dirt from the nasal cavity.

• Products do not contain BPA, Phthalate or harmful rubber for health

• EASY TO USE. Simply rotate the two parts together after cleaning for reuse. Soft silicone material and small tube tip help to suck dirt out of baby's nasal cavity easily.

• The detachable feature of the product makes it easy to clean and dry, completely avoiding the accumulation of mold in the product over time. No other nasal aspirator on the market can guarantee you this.

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