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When the baby is sick, parents are extremely worried about the baby's health and check the baby's body temperature regularly. Now, with the FeverTrack children's forehead thermometer, it is possible to monitor the body temperature continuously for 48 hours for your baby. The product makes it easy for mothers to monitor their baby's body temperature when sick, especially when the baby is sleeping, without waking the baby. Each sticker has vivid textures and colors that attract and keep your baby interested.


Liquid Crystal, PET, stickers


48h Continuous Tracking

FeverTrack baby forehead thermometer has outstanding advantages with the ability to monitor baby's body temperature continuously within 48 hours. The product helps mothers to monitor the baby's body temperature when sick accurately and continuously.

Baby Safety

Baby thermometer does not contain Latex, Phthalate and Lead, safe for your baby's health to use.

Effective and Attractive

Each sticker has a very funny and lovely pattern, which will attract your baby every time you use it.
The product is easy to use and is especially effective when mothers need to measure body temperature while the baby is sleeping, without waking the baby and fussing.

Product manual
Mom separates the back of the patch, then sticks the whole patch directly to the baby's forehead.
Wait at least 15 seconds, the baby's body temperature will be displayed corresponding to the temperature levels on the patch.


- In case the box 40 degrees Celsius shows blue, the baby has a high fever over 40 degrees Celsius.

- Do not use the patch when it is too hot or cold outside, when the baby is eating or exercising too hard.

- Store the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

- Always consult a doctor when your baby has a prolonged fever, use the same regular thermometer when the baby has a high fever.

- Do not use the product for children who are allergic to adhesives in general.

- Do not let children put the product in their mouth, chew, swallow.

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