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GREEN MOJO - mosquito repellent bracelet

100% natural essence ingredients - DEET-free - Effective for 72 hours continuously - Suitable for all ages - 100% imported from the United States.


• Every day, many families in Vietnam have to face the fear of being bitten by mosquitoes and other mosquito-related diseases, the most common being Dengue fever, Malaria, and viral fever. , Japanese Encephalitis and Zika epidemic are raging around the world, causing unpredictable consequences for all generations.
• The tropical climate in Vietnam is an ideal living source for mosquitoes to breed, especially in the hot, humid and humid seasons, causing countless adults and especially children to be hospitalized due to illnesses that are not worth having
• Mosquito repellent products on the market currently contain many unproven chemical ingredients, unpleasant odors, and potentially harmful effects to the health of the family, especially the sensitive skin of young children. .
• You are tired of waking up at night with mosquito nets, swatting mosquitoes, applying mosquito repellent all day, it takes time, unpleasant odors, everyone is only in air-conditioned rooms, not in contact with nature for fear of mosquito attack , or you are simply too bored with your legs full of "brocade flowers".
• Diethyltoluamide, also known as DEET, is a common ingredient in current insect and mosquito repellent products. However, DEET is extremely dangerous to human health if used in excessive concentrations, especially for infants and young children. DEET when used regularly can lead to eye irritation and risk of epilepsy, insomnia, cognitive decline, mood swings, nerve cell damage and death. These consequences are very likely to occur in children, because the child's skin is very sensitive, the nervous system and brain are in the process of development, so it is easy to absorb and be affected by DEET.


• Our products are specially designed to be compact & comfortable, suitable for all hand sizes, from adults to children. The product is made from natural essences that repel annoying insects such as: Lemongrass Extract, Lemongrass, Lemongrass oil, as well as Geraniol (an extremely effective insect repellent), which gives off an odor. The scent of lemongrass is pleasant for you, but it is a repulsive smell for insects.

• 100% PURE NATURAL AND IMPROVED GERANIOL FORMULA: The strap material is made of high quality Microfiber and completely impregnated with natural essences, containing 0% DEET, which protects both your family from adults to children, from normal skin to sensitive skin.

• No spray, no application, no greasy residue, no worries, JUST WEATHER, what could be more convenient! Don't want to wear it anymore, just put it back in the zip bag, need to bring it back to wear again, what's more convenient!!!!

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